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Nihongo Wakara-Night!

Date: 2024 18 JanTime: 21:00 (1h30m)
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[Sponsored by Coto Academy]

Come down to Tokyo Comedy Bar every 3rd Thursday of the month for a special comedy show shining the light on the difficulties of learning the Japanese language!! If you have JLPT PTSD, then this is the show for you!!

Each week we will have some of Tokyo's top comedians telling you about the troubles they have had getting to grips between the nuts and bolts, and the wa's and ga's of Japanese! The show is in English though and will be hilarious for everyone N5 all the way to N1!


Coto Academy want to help international residents fulfill their life dreams in Japan.  They want to make living in Japan an enjoyable and fun experience where they can live freely as their true selves and be uninhibited by the language barrier.

In order to fulfill this they try to make sure that our staff, teachers, and our students all work together to try to make the learning experience fun and fulfilling so that they can keep the motivation that they need to continue progressing in their Japanese.

If you are looking for a Japanese language school that truly cares about your progress and your life in Japan – Coto Academy is that school.

Avoid disappointment, get your seat now!

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