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More than Music x Tokyo Comedy Bar

Date: 2023 2 Apr
Time: 19:00 (2h)
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Peter Jens


MC: Sean Flanagan

Ruben VM

Evans Musoka

Vinay Murthy



日付|Date:2月12日 (日)・February 12th

時間|Time:OPEN 18:30・START 19:00

場所|Venue:Shibuya, Tokyo Comedy Bar

値段|Price: ADV ¥2,000・DOOR ¥2,500・FREE for LINE Members 

[About the Event]

"More than a laugh" is our new series mixing music with stand-up comedy. For this one we partnered up with the Tokyo Comedy Bar in Shibuya. We aim to bring you the music we love and know and the comedians we discovered recently. And maybe the true goal was the friendships we made along the way...

Come and check it out!  

Afrodyty | アフロダイティー

Whether it is with her full band or solo on a prerecorded beat, Afrodyty brings the energy equivalent of a small nuclear reactor. Fluent in R&B she brings her own touch to the genre.

Peter Jens | ピーター・ジェンス

The solo project of the charismatic lead singer of the band Konichiwa Typhoon sings incredibly well even without his band. He has a folky sound and atmosphere around him. 


Soft spoken as she is this singer-songwriter brings a sense of relaxation to the stage. A sweet voice and skillful guitar strums is a time proven recipe for an amazing time.

Avoid disappointment, get your seat now!

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