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May the 4th: Star Wars Comedy!

Date: 2023 4 MayTime: 21:30 (1h30m)
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Blast your way to Tokyo Comedy Bar galaxy to May the 4th be with You - comedy shows that brings together the best of the Star Wars universe with the funniest comedians in the galaxy. This show will have you laughing until you lose your midichlorians. Don't miss these one-of-a-kind comedy shows that combines the magic of Star Wars with the humor of the best comedy in the galaxy.The bar is just 30-secs from Shibuya stations, and we have an excellent menu of craft beer, cocktails and soft drinks. We also serve popcorn!

There will be 2 shows:


7pm: Star Wars Stand-Up Comedy Quiz Show

Our best comedians and most die-hard comedy fans will battle out on the comedy quiz shows... 2 teams taking sides on this comedy quiz! Perfect for Star Wars fans who know the difference between darksabers and the Dark side and can write Kashyyyk in katakana. Judging the battle will be a Tusken Raider. For real.


9:30pm: Star Wars & sci-fi comedy show

This edition of our Last Train Comedy will be entirely Star Wars/sci-fi themed! You'll be laughing until your jaw(a)s hurt!

Avoid disappointment, get your seat now!

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