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Date: 2022 16 Apr Time: 00:00

Date: 2022 27 Apr Time: 01:00

Date: 2022 14 May Time: 11:00

Date: 2022 21 May Time: 11:00

Date: 2022 28 May Time: 11:00

Date: 2022 18 Jun Time: 11:00

Date: 2022 3 Dec Time: 11:00

Date: 2022 10 Dec Time: 11:00

Date: 2022 17 Dec Time: 11:00

Date: 2023 7 Jan Time: 11:00

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Tokyo Comedy Bar has lots of stand-up comedy shows… but we also love improv comedy! And if you're interested in performance, or boosting your public speaking and presentation skills, then our improv workshops are just the thing for you! This weekly drop-in workshop is held every Saturday, and is the perfect place for performers of any level to experience improv.

Led by experienced comedian Jon Sabay, each week the class teaches you different improv skills through games and exercises. You'll move and dance and laugh and play, and have a whole lot of fun while you learn!

The workshop starts at 11:00am, and runs for two hours. To register or ask any questions, please email us at:

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