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Date: 2023 7 Nov Time: 19:30

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Tokyo Comedy Bar is thrilled to welcome Belgian comedian Serine Ayari to its stage - to cap off the end point of her documentary on comedy in Japan! Serine is making a documentary for Belgian TV, exploring comedy in different countries around the world, and then making jokes about what she has learned! This will be filmed for Belgian TV.

The show will be MCed by BJ Fox and also feature Japanese comedian Ishii Terumi - who has been Serine's guide in Japan.

About Serine:

“Serine Ayari is a Belgian-Flemish humorist and actress of Tunisian origin, renowned for her cutting humor. Having brought laughter to audiences in London, New York, Paris and Brussels, she has won over audiences across the globe.

Her stage presence is dynamic and captivating, and her sense of wit is unmatched. She skillfully uses humor to incite laughter and provoke reflection, creating an entertaining and enriching experience for her audience.

Serine Ayari is an artist who perfectly embodies the essence of contemporary humor, and her talent on stage is undeniable. She is renowned for her ability to tackle burning issues with a blend of subtlety and intelligence, making her a much-appreciated and respected humorist."

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