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Date: 2022 26 Nov Time: 21:30

Date: 2022 31 Dec Time: 19:00

Date: 2023 28 Jan Time: 21:30

Date: 2023 25 Feb Time: 21:30

Date: 2023 29 Apr Time: 21:30

Date: 2023 27 May Time: 21:00

Date: 2023 1 Jul Time: 21:30

Date: 2024 27 Apr Time: 21:00

Date: 2024 25 May Time: 21:00

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Welcome to a show where we dive headfirst into fearlessly tackling taboo topics with sharp wit and unapologetic humour.

Their jokes cut through cultural barriers, drawing laughter from people of all backgrounds. From hilarious anecdotes about navigating life in Tokyo as an African to candid observations on global issues,

Every punchline is delivered with raw honesty and a healthy dose of irony.

This isn’t your typical comedy show – it’s a raw, unfiltered experience that leaves you both enlightened and entertained.

Come experience laughter that knows no borders.

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