Date: 2022 9 Oct Time: 17:00

Date: 2022 30 Nov Time: 17:30

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Robert Taira Wilson

The Immortal Asuca (Fumetuno Asuka)


BJ Fox (UK)

Ruben VM (comedy musician, NZ)

Sean Flanagan (US)and more…


日付|Date:11月30日 ( 水)・November 30th時間|Time:OPEN 17:00・START 17:30 場所|Venue:Shibuya, Tokyo Comedy Bar 値段|Price: Advanced ¥2,000・Door  ¥2,500 ・Free for Members 

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 【生演奏|The Music】Robert Taira Wilson (ロバート・タイラ・ウィルソン)ロバートを知っている人は彼の出演するイベントは絶対に見逃さない。オンラインに上がっているものを聞いても十分心揺さぶられますが、やっぱり彼の生声とギターのスキルを肌で感じるのが一番シビレます。切なさとノスタルジアの奥にある柔らかな光を見るような感情を彼の楽曲からは感じとれます。We, the people that have seen Robert play on stage, can all agree that he’s got a talent that can’t be found in many people. You can tell that his music is great listening to his stuff online, but you won’t have that same awe and goosebumps as you do when he’s performing in front of you. “How is he creating those tricky melodies???” and “Why am I crying??” are some of the questions you’re going to be ask yourself when he’s on the stage.



The Immortal Asuca (Fumetuno Asuka) is a singer-songwriter with a powerful voice who plays free music regardless of genre or style.

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"More than a laugh" is our new series mixing music with stand-up comedy. For this one we partnered up with the Tokyo Comedy Bar in Shibuya. We aim to bring you the music we love and know and the comedians we discovered recently. And maybe the true goal was the friendships we made along the way...

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