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COVID19 Mitigations

Airborne precautions

One of Tokyo Comedy Bar’s founders is fairly obsessed with COVID safety. Of course there are no guarantees but we have gone to some extremes. The bar has 3 Mitsubishi N100RXV heat-exchange ventilation units. These allow us to bring a total of 3000m^3 of fresh air into the bar every hour (about 10x the volume of the bar) without losing all the heat/cold.

We also have 2 Xiaomi HEPA filters adding another 760m^3/h (in total) of filtering.

While this level of ventilation is far above building requirements (ask Fergal what the architects and builders wanted!), we know that there are still risks and so we encourage patrons to wear masks when not eating or drinking.

Quality masks

While lots of people wear masks in Japan, generally the masks that are easily available are not particularly high quality (they meet no particular standard). Good masks are hard to find at a reasonable price, so we have started to sell N95 masks in the bar. They are 3M 9105J from Yodobashi. The cost of a box varies, usually a little over 100¥ per mask. To keep things simple, we charge 150¥ per mask and any profit goes to Tokyo English Life Line.

While 150¥ is expensive for a single mask, N95 masks can be worn multiple times, basically until they get either dirty/stained/damaged or the straps break. It’s recommended that you rotate through a few masks rather than reusing the same one multiple days in a row. Here’s advice from some experts.

We don't really want to sell N95 masks, it's much cheaper to buy them yourself. We're just trying to help you get started.

Some of our air ducting mid-build

Some of our air ducting mid-build

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