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Tokyo Comedy Bar offers a wide range of opportunities to perform comedy, ranging from introductory workshops, open mics for beginners, Improv workshops and stage time for experienced comedians. Please check the schedule or read the FAQ for the next step in your comedy career. Or sign up for one of our courses - in either English or Japanese. We are actively trying to grow the comedy scene in Tokyo and welcome new people to our community!


Wonderful! Welcome!


Whether you are a brand-new comedian living in Japan or an experienced comedian visiting, get in touch via the contact form.


If you are brand new, we will direct you to our open mic nights on Mondays or Sundays.So even before getting in touch via the form, why don't you come down there and check it out and say hello to the MC? They can set you on the right path.

If you want to sign-up to an open mic, please visit this page:
Open Mic Sign-Up. Please read the instructions. Please follow the instructions and sign-up, or come to a show to chat before emailing questions.



Well we probably have the course for you!

Our courses are run by our experienced comedians with a view to helping you take your first steps on to the stage. There is no pressure to make that jump to a full show, so if you just want to see what it is all about and build up a bit of confidence feel free to sign up. There will be a variety of courses, both for English and Japanese comedy, as well as Improv. The language of the course will be listed in the description, so please check the calendar. Workshops and courses are presented in YELLOW.

The courses we offer are as below:

Introduction to Stand-Up Workshop [ENG]

A 3.5 hrs course designed to get you up on the stage for the first time. This will run you through the basics of stand-up comedy, will involve exercises to help you write jokes, and will end with doing a small set in front of your classmates. This is in English!

The ​next course will be: NOT CURRENTLY SCHEDULED

If you are interested in future workshops, please sign-up for updates here:

sign-up here

Read a review of the course from The Japan Times here:

New workshop image 2022.jpg

Weekly Saturday Improv Workshop We have Improv classes every Saturday at 11am-13pm and theseare the perfect place for performers of various levels to experience Improv. Each week the instructor (Jon Sabay (US)) will cycle through different Improv skills through games and exercises. 

Please purchase a ticket via the calender page!

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