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Note: there is no navigation link to this page on the website for the time-being. Please bookmark it or link to it via the sign-up emails.


  • This sign-up is for the following open mics spots on our Mon (8pm), Tues (8pm) and  Thurs (8pm) shows. 

  • Last Train Comedy is our drop-in mic on Friday & Saturday at 9.30pm

  • Sign-ups are NOT first come first served. Please feel free to sign up at any time prior to the deadline.

  • Line-ups will be announced via email the Friday before the week in question and include line-ups for the following Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. e.g. the line-ups for Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th and Thursday the 7th mics will be announced on Friday the 1st

  • We will send the link to the next week of sign-ups together will the line-ups.

  • Max 10 pre-booked performers for Mon/Thurs.

  • Some spaces will be reserved for debutants.

  • Spots will be offered fairly, with shows being curated and offering a balance of new and experienced comics on each show. This is to ensure open mics are a fun audience experience as well as being an opportunity for comics to grow.

  • If you are selected for a line-up, we expect you to attend and be at the show 20 mins before show start. If your plans change, please contact us. Do not swap spots with other comics.

  • ​Please note: after the deadline has passed we do not check the sign-up sheet. If you need to change your schedule, please inform us by email, but please do your utmost not to change your schedule once the line-up has been published.

  • Queries:


For Mics:
Apr 3rd Mon, 4th Tues, 6th Thurs

Deadline midnight March 30th



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