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Note: there is no navigation link to this page on the website for the time-being. Please bookmark it or link to it via the sign-up emails.

Below is the sign-up sheet for Open Mics at Tokyo Comedy Bar.


Please sign-up for as few or as many as you like. 

Sign-Up Guidelines/rules
- sign-up is not first-come-first-served. Sign-up closes at midnight on Wednesday of the prior week..
- if you sign-up and then have a change of plans, please resubmit the form. We will look at the last response submitted. By clicking "none-of-the-above" you can cancel all previous requests. Do not cancel spots after the line-ups have been sent.- Please do not send urgent messages via the form; it is only checked once per week.
- We will do our best to accommodate specific requests and balance spots. 
- If it is your first time performing with us, please indicate so in the freeform entry section so we can give your application special attention. Please do this after you've filled out the form for the relevant spot i.e. the week before.

- Currently, we have sign-up mics on Sunday & Monday & Tuesdays.

- We have Drop-in mics on Friday & Saturday at 21:00 called Last Train Comedy. Please check the schedule before coming as sometimes these become other shows.

- If you have to cancel a spot, please contact us via email:

Open Mic Formats

- Spots are 4 mins long, unless otherwise stated.

- We expect you to arrive 20 mins before the show starts.
- We expect you to watch the entire show and respect other performers.

- Performers get a +1 guest i.e. you can invite one friend for free. We love it when you bring friends.

- Please DO NOT bring outside food or drink into the bar. Please purchase at least one thing from the bar when you perform.

About Showcases
- we have Showcase shows every Weekday from 19:30 and Weekend from 19:00. These shows have one "open spot" that we reserve for a less experienced comedian. 


For Mics: 

Open Mic Sign-Up w/c JULY 29  - AUGUST 4

Deadline Wednesday 24 JULY  MIDNIGHT​



If you are a visiting comedian, instead of using this form please ask us via .

Line-ups can be seen below. Tap this link to open it in a new window.

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