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Note: there is no navigation link to this page on the website for the time-being. Please bookmark it or link to it via the sign-up emails.

Below is the sign-up sheet for Open Mics at Tokyo Comedy Bar.


Please sign-up for as few or as many as you like. 

Sign-Up Guidelines/rules
- sign-up is not first-come-first-served. Sign-up closes at midnight on Thursday of the prior week..
- if you sign-up and then have a change of plans, please resubmit the form. We will look at the last response submitted. By clicking "none-of-the-above" you can cancel all previous requests. Do not cancel spots after the line-ups have been sent.- Please do not send urgent messages via the form; it is only checked once per week.
- We will do our best to accommodate specific requests and balance spots. 
- If it is your first time, please send a mail to so we can give your application special attention.

- Currently, we have sign-up mics on Sunday, Monday & Thursdays.

- We have Drop-in mics on Friday & Saturday at 9:30pm called Last Train Comedy. Please check the schedule before coming as sometimes these become other shows.

- If you have to cancel a spot, please contact us via email:

Open Mic Formats

- Spots are 4 mins long, unless otherwise stated.

- We expect you to arrive 20 mins before the show starts.
- We expect you to watch the entire show and respect other performers.

- Performers get a +1 guest i.e. you can invite one friend for free. We love it when you bring friends.

- Please DO NOT bring outside food or drink into the bar. Please purchase at least one thing from the bar when you perform.


About Showcases
- we have Showcase shows every Weekday from 19:30. These shows have one "open spot" that we reserve for a less experienced comedian. Feel free to sign-up for these. For the showcases on Monday & Thursdays the Open Spot will be selected from people who apply for the open mic.


For Mics: 

Open Mic Sign-Up w/c Oct 1

Deadline Thurs 28 Sept  MIDNIGHT


Line-ups can be seen via the embedded form below; please see weeks via the tabs. The form is not optimised for mobile, but can be checked here too: line-up sheet

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