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Tokyo Roast Battle

Date: 2023 22 Apr
Time: 21:00 (1h30m)
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Tokyo’s #1 Comedy show returns.

Comedians engage in a hilarious battle of wits.

Roast Battle is a worldwide phenomenon. No topic is off limits when comedians go mic-to-mic in verbal combat to settle feuds and claim bragging rights through brutal burns and killer put-downs.

Always original. Always Uncensored.

The first Roast Battle of 2023 is an absolute slugfest. On Feb 19th former Champ BILL MILLER returns to claim his belt from the champ TROY LEWIS. Bill's performance at roast battle is electric. He takes angles nobody else would think of. Look for sharp writing and some very dark takes. You do not want to miss this matchup. 

The rest of the lineup is stacked:

-The Phenomenal SEAN FLANAGAN battles rising star MIKE PAXMAN in his sophomore outing.

-JAY YAMAKI and KAT RANDLE of head to head in a Tokyo Comedy Bar hosts grudge match.

-NOAH BROCKET, the youngest comedian on the roster (and university student) faces off against veteran (And University Professor) MAX KEVIN.

Hosted by JJ Wakrat

Produced by @RoastBattleTokyo

A Roast Battle League Show

Date & Time: Feb 19 @ 8:00 (Doors open at 7) 

Tickets available at

These shows sell out.

Reservation strongly recommended. CONTENT WARNING.

Avoid disappointment, get your seat now!

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