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Roast Battle Tokyo BEGINS!

Date: 2022年 6月 25日Time: 20:00 (1時30分間)
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A One Night Japan National Tournament.

1 Night. 8 Comics. One Belt A Champion will be crowned!

Roast Battle League Inaugural event

After 5 straight years of sellouts, comes our biggest show ever. The next evolution!

What is Roast Battle?

Comedic verbal insult battle. Be warned! Nothing is sacred.

In an era where comedy is safer, more boring, and more watered-down than ever, the Roast Battle is the last place where no-holds-barred comedy is the name of the game

What is Roast Battle League?

As the original Roast Battle approaches its ten-year anniversary, it’s time for the next step in the evolution: the global Roast Battle League.

Roast Battle League is a reality-based competition show that highlights the world’s newest sport -competitive insults. With elements of everything from The Ultimate Fighter to American Idol, this show is more than your average comedy experience.

The inaugural season of Roast Battle League is set in eight cities across three continents. The battles take place in front of bloodthirsty crowds in historic venues like Hollywood’s Comedy Store, the New York Comedy Club, London’s Bill Murray Theatre, and the new home of comedy in Asia: The Tokyo Comedy Bar.

Each of the cities has a well-established roast scene, but this is the first time they will be competing for an opportunity for something bigger…

Be part of history!

First ever National Tournament. First Roast Battle event in Asia.

1 Night. 8 Comics. One Belt

Featuring Japan’s best Roast Battlers including


Troy Lewis

Bill Miller

Jon Sabay

Harry Metcalf

And more…..


Date & Time: Saturday June 25th 8pm

Location: Tokyo Comedy Bar

Tickets: 2500

Hosted by BJ Fox

CONTENT WARNING. Not for the Faint of heart. Adults only show.

Avoid disappointment, get your seat now!

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