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Date: 2022年 5月 6日Time: 21:30 (1時30分間)
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The day has finally arrived! Tokyo finally has a dedicated stand-up comedy club! This is the English opening show - split into an early and late show! Each show will have a different line-up of Tokyo's top stand-up comics, and MCed by TCB's very own BJ Fox (NHK 'Home Sweet Tokyo', Okomedyaki).

We will have 8 taps of craft beer plus other drinks to warm you up, all served by our smiling, welcoming staff.

This is the start of a comedy revolution of Tokyo. English stand-up in a dedicated club. Come support, come drink and come down and laugh!

Show length 90 mins (with breaks)

Early show 7:00~8:30

Late show 9:30~11:00

Drinks till late.

Avoid disappointment, get your seat now!

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