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Date: 2023年 6月 11日 Time: 18:00

Date: 2023年 7月 9日 Time: 19:00

Date: 2024年 3月 10日 Time: 19:30

Date: 2024年 4月 7日 Time: 19:30

Date: 2024年 5月 5日 Time: 19:00

Date: 2024年 6月 2日 Time: 19:30

Date: 2024年 8月 4日 Time: 19:30

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You know how movies have casts with tons of actors in them?

Improv comics Bob and Jon turn an audience conversation into an onstage ‘movie’!

And also the director.

And also the casting assistant.

But not the composer.

They have a pianist for that.

Come down for some totally unique for guaranteeed-to-be hilarious improvised comedy with two of the funniest dudes in town!

Student discounts available (/w valid Student ID)

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