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Date: 2024年 3月 2日 Time: 21:00

Date: 2024年 4月 20日 Time: 21:00

Date: 2024年 6月 8日 Time: 21:00

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A special night of powered-up comedy dedicated to one of the greatest pastimes: playing video games! The comedians at Tokyo Comedy Bar love video games - and we have many who work in the video game industry too! Even BJ Fox one of the founders on the bar used to work for The Pokémon Company and came to these shores because he was managing Grand Theft Auto in Asia! We have voice actors and game designers too... and they are all going to come together in a celebration of comedy and games.

This show replaces our normal late night Last Train Comedy Show but the vibe is the same! Expect jokes on all things Nintendo, Street Fighter and beyond!

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