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Date: 2023 28 Oct Time: 21:00

Date: 2023 25 Nov Time: 21:00

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Hey! Do you know a little bit of trivia? Wanna flex those nerdy muscles, take in a killer comedy show, and get the chance to win a 50% discount on after-show drinks? As part of Tokyo Game Show Weekend, Tokyo Comedy Bar presents New Challenger - part game show, part stand-up show, all good vibes. King Jon will be your MC and host to Tokyo’s top comics, doing material on everything from video games to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Throughout the show, conquer the diabolical King Jon’s various challenges and win stuff! Lots of fun little prizes are up for grabs, but one lucky audience member will get the chance to usurp King Jon and take his crown! With your new title comes a 50% discount on your drinks, and the chance to defend your title at an upcoming show.Come for the crown and leave with the glory!

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