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Date: 2022 27 May Time: 20:00

Date: 2022 22 Sep Time: 20:00

Date: 2023 22 Jan Time: 20:00

Date: 2023 19 Mar Time: 20:00

Date: 2023 9 Dec Time: 21:00

Date: 2024 17 Feb Time: 21:00

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Tokyo's favourite battle show returns with brutal & uncensored roasts between regional rivals & historical enemies 👊

Jokes are their weapons, history & culture is their ammo, and the stage is their warzone 🗣 Come see why this show has spawned franchises in Tokyo, LA, NYC & beyond!

This month features deadly matchups like

Hollywood vs Bollywood, Japan vs UK, and Kenya vs Canada.

Plus we have a special guest host from Toronto, the creator of the show: Danish Anwar

This show is Rated R. No topic is off limits. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

ABOUT YOUR HOOD'S A JOKE: Where someone lives is a crucial part of their identity and regional rivalries are a universal concept. YHAJ recreates an atmosphere similar to a high stakes sporting event, reflected by high levels of audience engagement, sold out shows in multiple festivals (Just For Laughs Montreal), and franchise shows in LA (The Comedy Store) NYC (The Stand) London (Top Secret Comedy Club) Tokyo (Tokyo Comedy Bar) Mumbai & Delhi (Canvas Laugh Club) and Bangkok (Comedy Club Asia) aside from the home base in Toronto (Yuk Yuk’s)

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