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Date: 2022 24 Aug Time: 20:00

Date: 2022 18 Sep Time: 19:00

Date: 2022 26 Oct Time: 20:00

Date: 2022 23 Nov Time: 20:00

Date: 2022 28 Dec Time: 20:00

Date: 2023 25 Jan Time: 20:00

Date: 2023 22 Feb Time: 20:00

Date: 2023 22 Mar Time: 20:00

Date: 2023 26 Apr Time: 20:00

Date: 2023 24 May Time: 20:00

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Brand-new comedy delivered by Tokyo's top comedians - so new that even the comedians won't know what they'll be talking about until they get up on stage! The topics are displayed on screen after they go on stage, and the comedians have to then make it all up on the spot.

Think Cards vs Humanity smashed together with stand-up! Entirely new, entirely improvised - this is sure to be a great night of laughs.

Whether it's your first time here or you're a regular customer, there's always something fresh for you to enjoy. So sit back and enjoy the show, the beer and the laughs!

The show is at Tokyo Comedy Bar, a dedicated, purpose-built comedy club right next to Shibuya station, serving tasty craft beer and other drinks to help bring the good cheer.

Tickets cost just ¥2000 : you can pay on the door or, to guarantee your seat, buy a ticket in advance!

Student discounts available (/w valid Student ID)

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