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Once a month on a Sunday, the Improv masters at Tokyo Comedy Bar come together and present an entirely improvised comedy show!

You couldn’t make it up! But these comedians have to! All improvised, all unique and - most importantly - all hilarious!

Tokyo's quickest minds bring you unscripted comedy gold in a night of spontaneous fun. You won't know what to expect - except a great night out!

Tokyo Comedy Bar's Improv team is made up of experienced performers from around the world. Come down and check out what is literally a once-in-a-lifetime show!

Also, if you want to try Improv comedy we run a weekly Improv Comedy Workshop at 11am-1pm... just check the schedule and come on down! ¥1500 on the door!




Tokyo Comedy Bar is just across the street from the Shibuya Inokashira Line station or 2 mins away from the JR station and Hachiko. We have a cozy bar area with rotating craft beers on tap, plus the best room for comedy in Tokyo.

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