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Comedy Factory: Showcase & Open Mic

Date: 2022 7 JulTime: 21:30 (1h30m)
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A night of diverse comedy voices, where anything can happen! Come watch Tokyo's best comedians and comedy newcomers alike perform! Witness first-hand how comedy masterpieces are born, as well as where some jokes go to die!

Comedy Factory is our mixed bill show on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, starting at 8pm and running for about 90mins. We have mix of new comedians and more experienced doing longer sets - but laugh guaranteed.

There is an open mic part so anyone who wants to perform, for the first time can! Please arrive before 19:40 and ask at the bar! There is a limit of performer numbers, but we do our best to accommodate debuts.

Notes for open-mic performers: - you get a 4 minute slot. Please keep to your time.

- original jokes only; nothing from the internet.

- be respectful to the audience and we expect you to stay for the whole show

- no hate speech

Tickets cost just: ¥1,500!

incl 1 drink

Avoid disappointment, get your seat now!

incl 1 drink

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