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Date: 2022 22 May Time: 20:00

Date: 2022 19 Jun Time: 20:00

Date: 2022 31 Jul Time: 20:00

Date: 2022 28 Aug Time: 19:00

Date: 2022 25 Sep Time: 19:00

Date: 2022 30 Oct Time: 19:00

Date: 2022 27 Nov Time: 19:00

Date: 2023 29 Jan Time: 20:00

Date: 2023 26 Feb Time: 20:00

Date: 2023 26 Mar Time: 20:00

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Welcome to Roles For Initiative, a fantasy-themed comedy show. You know, goblins and swords and stuff! How does that work? Come find out! Some of Tokyo's best stand-ups and improvisers will navigate a world and situations that you help build, all led by Jon Sabay (NHK World "JAPANorama Rumble!") Come party with the adventuring party!

This is a mix of RPG (think Dungeons & Dragons) and comedy and improvisation - it's a unique show and a lot of fun!

This show will feature adults childishly using adult language; over 18 only, please.

All ticket sales go the charity Tokyo English Life Line.

All ticket sales are donated to Tokyo English Life Line (, providing access to mental health services for many of Tokyo’s residents.

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